gibson/epiphone, esp/ltd, spector, warwick, jackson, and fender/squier
playing bass, playing guitar, watching movies, coocking on the grill, and party/drink/smoke
metalocalypse, family guy, simpsons, southpark, history chanell, discovery chanell, and food network
quinton tarentino, robert rodriguez, rob zombie, and any good movie
all metal, blues, classic rock., and everything but country and pop
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
peavey mark IV head, peavey 410TX cab, peavey TNT100, fender rumble 25, vox valvetronix vt20+, squer practice 10 watt, digitech bp8 bass effect processor with tube, monster cable bass cable, korg tuners, thick comfy straps, Ltd F5e, Ltd b55, Ltd mh103qm, epihone les paul standard plus top, epihpone thunderbird pro 5, squier affinity jazz bass, acoustic/electric copley 5 string bass, oscar schmidt classical guitar, and yamaha f720s folk guitar
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
i dont pick favorites and there are too many badd asses out there to be choosey
About me:

I'm an American bass player with ten +years of screwing around with them. I've been a fan of metal since I first heard it. I currently play five string basses and standard four. I play in standard tuning usually, guitar too. I'm not upper class so I can't afford actual ESP so I buy LTD. Music is my life. Also I live for a good time whenever one appears. 

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