Jul 1, 2013 at 3:30 PM
Buyer Beware!!!

It has come to our attention that as a result of the increased demand for our product, there are an increasing number of counterfeit ESP/LTD guitars available for sale through non authorized online stores. After 35 years of making high quality instruments, it is also our intention, and responsibility to let our friends know when something like this comes to light. Please make sure you are buying from a trusted source.

Finally, we would like to say that while some counterfeit models may look like real ESP guitars, they do not sound or play like real ESPs. With these counterfeits, substandard materials are being used. The end result is that you would be very disappointed in the sound and feel of the guitar. All authorized ESP dealers and distributors are listed on the ESP Guitars web site. So before you buy please make sure you are getting your guitar from a trusted source.

Thank you for choosing ESP Guitars.

Matt Masciandaro

President and CEO

  • wayne e.

    I recently saved an ESP 901 from a rececycling centre, exactly the same as the one in the link, description is very accurate except mine has been well played and it's purple, play's great, sounds awesome thru my Blackstar ID:260 TVP but no serial number any where to be found just a sticker " MADE IN JAPAN " on the headstock, does this mean it's a fake or do I have something a bit rare


  • David W.

    I checked that electricguitardiscount DOT com site. They have copied most of GC's logo as their own.


    On another note, I recently purchased a Ltd B-4Z NS bass and it has tuners and pickups marked ESP. Also, the neck simply has ESP printed on the back. Both of my other Ltd basses have "ESP designed" on the pickups/neck and the tuners are marked Ltd. Is this a counterfeit?

    Manufacture date is 1209.

    • Márton T.


      I have an LTD F105 bass and an LTD EX401FM and both has the printed ESP logo. On the bass pickups i have only ESP logo too.   I saw LTD guitars with it in shops, so i don't think your bass is a counterfeit. 

  • jeffdenny

    Hi I love ESP guitars also thats why I carry them at The Music Station, I agree with William A. that its a good idea to go into your locals Authorised ESP dealership however if you must buy online MAKE SURE and i emphasize MAKE SURE they are an Authorized Dealer. You can easily do this buy looking up thier name on this site.

    Also any dealer who sells ESP legitametely would love to hear from you either by phone or email so lets get some dialog going buy with confidence. I know i sell with confidence ESP/LTD guitars and Basses are one of the best made guitars on Earth.

  • alejandro e.

    Is there an option in this website where We can enter the serial number of our guitars for authenticity? To me this would be a SOLUTION for this particular problem.


  • Alex G.
    Do you mean something like electricguitardiscount...

    Hope you can forbid this site...