Buyer Beware!!!

It has come to our attention that as a result of the increased demand for our product, there are an increasing number of counterfeit ESP/LTD guitars available for sale through non authorized online stores. After 35 years of making high quality instruments, it is also our intention, and responsibility to let our friends know when something like this comes to light. Please make sure you are buying from a trusted source.

Finally, we would like to say that while some counterfeit models may look like real ESP guitars, they do not sound or play like real ESPs. With these counterfeits, substandard materials are being used. The end result is that you would be very disappointed in the sound and feel of the guitar. All authorized ESP dealers and distributors are listed on the ESP Guitars web site. So before you buy please make sure you are getting your guitar from a trusted source.

Thank you for choosing ESP Guitars.

Matt Masciandaro

President and CEO

  • Sammy W.

     Why not help us help you help us?  Give us a damn serial number database. Let us register guitars so duplicated serials can be uncovered. I have long loved ESP/LTD both, but why make this generalized announcement about you and us both getting scammed if you have no desire to help stop it? Mid 2013 you became aware there were fake ESP's out there? A little late to the game brother, aren't we? I am not sure if you can see how this statement is seen by the consumers or not, but it could be as damaging to your reputation as the fake guitars are. A decade into fakes hitting the market, the company announces they are aware of fakes, consumers need to be more vigilant, and good luck. The ESP/LTD name doesn't only exist on the windows of storefronts, it is more at home in the hearts, mouths, and ears of the fans and consumers. 1 crappy fake will most likely be sold or traded off in the used market multiple times. It isn't just one fake was sold, so one genuine article sale was lost. 1 fake sold could cause a dozen people, espesscially those new to guitars, to be put off by the brand, and never consider buying them again. No one will want it, so it will be resold many more times than a genuine ESP would be. 

      Even if your records of past serial numbers isn't immaculant, start now, and use what you have. Building the database is simple, but of course all the data entry of the models, years, serials is time consuming. Sounds like a job for interns. 

  • Fierce_Swe F.



    I'm about to buy a used ESP Horizon hrf nt. In the catauloge it says the guitar has Gotoh locking tuners but this one doesn't. The tuners are gotoh but no locking tuners, is it a fake or are som released without lokking tuners?

  • Evan E.

    I know this is a problem and I've never bought a fake esp/ltd. What I think its funny is that esp started out copying gibson stuff haha. But whatever I think esp's guitars and basses are better than gibson's guitars and basses. Sucks that people are ruining great instruments with fake ones and selling them cheap.

  • Sebastian K.

    What I can't understand is why people have to lie to themselves and to the others that they have highest available model of known guitar company. 

  • Daniel F.

    Shut down They try to do all of the copies. They are even doing copies of the old ESP explorers (MX-220 and the MX-250) that ESP got sued for in the first place. I heard they are junk anyway.