Listen to metal. Listen to jazz. Listen to hip hop. Listen to reggae. Listen to funk. Listen to punk. Listen to classical. Expand your horizons to find influences that will let you develop a new sound that no one else has found. - updated
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ESP Eclipse, LTD Xtone, and ESP Horizon
Live music, astronomy, food, travel, nature, and more food
I'm a freak who doesn't watch TV at all and Except sports
The Big Lebowski and A Clockwork Orange
Rock, Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Art Rock, Blues, and Alternative
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Vox AC30, Strymon Timeline, Dunlop Cry Baby, and Fulltone OCD
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Guitarist since 1976. Recording and gigging musician. Educated at Berklee College of Music, Musician's Institute, and Cal State University. Live in Southern California near the ocean, and make music every single day.

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Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article ESP Rockers at Slovakia's Gothoom Open Air Fest

We don't get to do many stories about metal events in Slovakia. We're also willing to bet that a good number of you don't know where Slovakia is. However, one thing you should all know about this Eastern European country is......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article Metallica's "National Anthem" Guitars: Put In Your Bid

This coming Friday (May 6, 2016), it's the fourth annual "Metallica Night" with the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball. As you're probably aware, Metallica formed in the Bay Area in the early '80s, and have long......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video Whitechapel: "Mark of the Blade"

Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article Artist Spotlight: Jens Fredrik Ryland (Borknagar)

Founded in 1994 in Norway, Borknagar is a black metal supergroup of sorts, with members who all come from other respected metal bands. Along with bandmate Øystein Brun, guitarist Jens Fredrik Ryland recently joined the......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video Beartooth: "Aggressive"