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ESP Eclipse II, ESP LTD KH202, Ibanez GAX, and Ibanez Concord
music, books, and cats
Breaking Bad, NCIS, and Ancient Aliens
Back to the Future and the goonies
Punk, Metal, Alternative, and Grunge
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Mesa Boogie Dual Rec Roadster, Dean Dime Head, Digitech Whammy, Boss NS2, Boss FL2, boss ml2, samson wirless, boss equalizer, and boss tuner
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Eric Erlandson, tom morello, dimebag darrel, dan jacobs, tim armstrong, and lars fredrickson
About me:

Female Guitarist- Lead & Rhythm 15+ years

National Tour Experience including The Vans Warped Tour 2008, 2009, 2011

Opened for major acts including Rancid, Nofx, Agnostic Front, Donita Sparx (L7), etc

Previous endorsements by Crate, Hartke, Samson

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Roxy voted on the poll what strings do you like best

2014-11-16 16:10:08 UTC
Roxy voted ernie ball cobalt.011's
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Roxy voted on the poll Would you do this changes?

2014-11-16 16:09:45 UTC
Roxy voted Passive pickups for active pickups
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Roxy voted on the poll Have you heard/played any Brazilian guitar, like Tagima, Zaganin or Giannini?

2014-11-16 16:09:29 UTC
Roxy voted No...
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Roxy voted on the poll Do you think your guitar pick's thickness is responsible for the quality of your sound?

2014-11-16 16:09:22 UTC
Roxy voted Maybe a little
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