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    So now then

    I own a MH-100QMNT and a Vypyr 100 modeling amp. If I use the clean channels, I always hear a slight or strong buzz, depending on which of the clean amp emulations I am using, which is quite annoying - so I cannot use the clean chanels properly, there is always that hairy noise... Once I've tried it with a Cort Les Paul, a guitar with a weaker output than mines, and it was a lot better - but not completely all right. So I suppose, the problem should be found in the modeling amp. One of my friends said, he owned a few, and each of it produced this buzz.

    On the second hand, the amp freezes, and I have to restart it, just like a PC, but this thing does not annoy me that much. 

    Ha s anyone heard about modeling amps producing a slight or even harder buzz? Or is this just my problem? 

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