• Irontusk73

    I would go for either the Mark V or Mark IIC+. I'm not sure that the VH4 is going to get you super close to Het's tone. There is an interview with TC Electronic on youtube where his tech talks and even he says that the VH4 doesn't sound good by itself. It's a lot to invest in for a "new" piece that has been put in the mix in the past few years. Which album are you trying to sound like?

    • barryswanson

      Thanks for the reply man, I guess my question is one that has been asked a million times before. I really like the justice--> garage inc tones. especially garage inc. but saying that I also dig death magnetic. I guess I cant have it all but a IIC+ will be dam near impossible to find in Australia at 240v but does the mark V's IIC+ mode sound any good? A Krankenstein is another amp i'm considering.