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mesa boogie mini rectifier and mesa boogie mini rectifier 1 x 12 slant cabinet
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James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett
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Breadfan32 disliked the forum post Re: ESP KH-20 (Tracking)

i will not post photos of my personal customs that i do not want all over the internet or my own design ideas, nor did i get fender or gibson custom really this was just some PRS and also some ESP. I dont care really what......MORE »

Breadfan32 replied to the forum post ESP KH-20 (Tracking)

Nate you should remove this post.  This isn’t about all your guitars that aren’t a KH20. Aslo, the pics you’re posting of that white KH2 are pictures from another forum along time ago.  That was one of two that were made for......MORE »

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Nate, Can you please remove all the pics that are not your KH-20. This is a KH-20 thread, and you've just gone and put a bunch of Random PRS, and ESP pics in it, which doesn't help or contribute to the thread at all. 26 out......MORE »

Breadfan32 replied to the forum post Neck profile SC-20

I have no idea but I’m interested in the sc20 so if you get it let me know how it is.  ......MORE »