• 51030336 Serial Large
  • 51030336 Back Large
  • 51030336 Backbody Large
  • 51030336 Detail3 Large
  • 51030336 Detail4 Large
  • 51030336 Detail2 Large
  • 51030336 Detail1 Large
  • 51030336 Angle Large
  • 51030336 Front Large
  • 51030336 Body Large

Takamine EF381SC-12

The EF381SC 12-string dreadnought is handcrafted in our pro series facility that has been building precision quality instruments over five decades. The versatility of this guitar begins with its solid cedar top that can play sweet mellow passages or power chords with equal ability. The maple back and sides are a perfect reflector for the tone generated by the soundboard, while the gloss black finish looks great under the stage lights. The mahogany neck is joined to the body with a traditional, ultra strong dovetail joint. Includes Takamine’s Palathetic™ pickup, known in the industry as one of the most accurate and natural sounding acoustic/electric pickups. The CT4B preamp has long been the popular choice among Takamine pro artists, providing warm natural acoustic tone at high sound pressure levels.