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ESP, esp eclipse, and esp viper
Playing the guitar, Babymetal, writing/recording/playing/listening to music, Performing in front of people, Snowboarding, Hanging out with friends, and Family
Family Guy
Too many
Asking Alexandria, BabyMetal, Dio, Rage, memphis may fire, metalcore, Metallica, and Heavy Metal Music
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
peavey amplifications and fender mustang ii
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Ben Bruce, kirk hammet, james hetfiled, Sam Bettley, VIctor Smolski, and Matteo Bottichini
About me:

I am the founder and lead guitarist for the band named dark up rising check it out on Facebook, I have been playing with esp ltd guitars for 2 years now and i love it, I like the Eclipse guitars there my favorite because they look amazing and There awesome. GO ESP!


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IS this a custom cause ME WANT !!!!......MORE »
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