Spent the past couple of evenings modding my guitars. I added an EMG Afterburner 220 into my Ltd EC-1000VB for more controlled feedback and an EMG SPC control for the SLV pickup in my Ltd MH327 so that it can compete with the 81. Both sounding great! - updated
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ESP ltd BW-1, ESP Ltd EC-1000S BLK EMG, ESP LTD MH-327, and esp ltd ec-1000vb
Spending time with my wife & son
Sons of Anarchy, Hell on Wheels, and Vikings
Spinal Tap and Through the Never
Fields of the Nephilim, Conflict, and Destroy DC
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Line 6 Pod X3 Live, line 6 m9, blackstar cabinets, emg pickups, and Blackstar HT-Metal 100
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Slash, James Hetfield, Paul Fox, Andy James, Mick Jones, and Adrian Smith
About me:

I play guitar for Fields of the Nephilim and CONFLICT and also have my own band, Destroy DC.

Here's my Bio: Gav King grew up in a small town just north of Peterborough, UK. He began playing the guitar when he was 13 and embarked on his first UK tour at the age of 16! Since then Gav has toured Europe and the USA with punk bands such as Adam Ant, Janus Stark, HeWhoCannotBeNamed (The Dwarves), Speedurchin, The Wernt, Road Rage and ATWAR (English Dogs) playing legendary punk venues including The Pound in San Francisco, Berlin’s Wild at Heart and New York’s CBGB’s. In 2002 he formed a metal group called The More I See with long standing friend, Gizz Butt. The More I See toured throughout Europe and released an EP ‘Don’t Look Now…I’m Living’ (Modern Noise) and 2 full-length albums, ‘The Wolves are Hungry’ (SPV) and ‘The Unholy Feast’ (Transcend Media) to critical acclaim. In October 2009, after a couple of line up changes resulting in a change of direction, Gav amicably resigned from the band. In May 2007 Carl McCoy invited Gavin to join Fields of the Nephilim before their 24th Moment show at the London Astoria. Gav has become a major part of the current line up having headlined festivals across Europe including M’era Luna and Wave Gotick Treffen. Shows at Shepherds Bush Empire in London were filmed and released as a live double album and DVD in 2012. Gav still plays guitar for punk anarchists, CONFLICT, with drummer Spike T Smith as well as playing 'Progressive Punk and Dub' under the moniker 'Destroy DC' with regular EP's set to be released continually.

Gav King endorses ESP Ltd guitars, EMG pickups & Blackstar amplification.

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