• Sebastian K.

    What I can't understand is why people have to lie to themselves and to the others that they have highest available model of known guitar company. 

  • Daniel F.

    Shut down rareelectricguitar.com. They try to do all of the copies. They are even doing copies of the old ESP explorers (MX-220 and the MX-250) that ESP got sued for in the first place. I heard they are junk anyway.

  • Tyler O.

    ok so im buying this ESP LTD MH-100QM with floyde roes and the guys only wanting 120 for it and when i look up the serial number i dont get anything about the guitar is it a fake??

    • Daniel F.

      Maybe. Just look for things like how well it stays in tune, or if just feels like crap, and stuff like that. Even though it is a bottom end range LTD, it sould play pretty good if it is real. The serial number thing is kind of suspicious though...look into it. Good luck man

  • Jesse P.

    welp, imitation is the best form of flatery they say...

  • Patrick  Ombrog

    the copies are soooo bad, i saw alot of them. if your really into ESP's you can easily tell its a fake. counterfiets are made badly, they cant even put the screws in the correct place. 

  • mad son

    esp guitars are the best..........

  • Phalanx

    Matt, the distributor of Peru contained in the website is wrong. That way you have put here is from Chile. I refer to the following address: 

    Av. Chile-Espana 393, Nunoa
    Santiago, SLP 777-0380
    P: +56 2 3752953

    That address and store are not of Peru!
    I wonder if they have any official dealer here in Peru. Because yes I know a store that matter ESP and LTD, but this is not listed on their website.

  • Roy jr.

    I've seen these fakes on eBay . Like the KH ouija $299 and the seller was selling for $899 which I know they bought on Aliexpress. 

  • Rusty C.

    people shouldn't do this its really shitty of them

  • Shawn H.

    If you want to see some fake ESP guitars go to Aliexpress.com. Everything is mass produced counterfeit from there, and they make it really obvious.

  • pinball-1

    Even their authorized dealers sell counterfeit ESP's from time to time (possibly not knowlingly). I know because I ended up with 2 fake ESP's from GuitarCenter, they did take them back and gave me a full refund, when I provided proof that they were fraudulent. However they relisted them shortly after, just as they had when I bought them.

    The only way to know for sure if yours is the "real deal" is to take it to an ESP collector (like myself), or a dealer that truly specializes in ESP guitars.

    • Andrius D.

      "Even their authorized dealers sell counterfeit ESP's from time to time (possibly not knowlingly)"

      How is that possible? How can an authorized ESP dealer uknowingly get a fake ESP? If they're authorized dealers, they get their ESPs straight from ESP. The only way to get fake ESPs would be getting them from someone else, and why would they do that if they are already getting them straight from ESP?


  • Stevie Strings


    This post is great and all, but I dare you to email ESP your SN to see if they will help you verify if you have a fake or not. They will not even tell me where I can get obscure replacement parts that they manufacture for mine.  I mean, I can understand the hundreds or thousands of inquiries, ESP must get regarding whether or not a guitar is real or fake and could not possibly hand answer them all, but at least make a resource available for customers to do their own research. An online database of serial numbers or something. It's 2014 not 1991, surely this is possible with little effort. We pay a premium for the instruments you sell, you could at least acknowledge that we respect and are interested in the brand.

  • Sayak

    gimme the link where the above-mentioned is listed

  • Zachary B.

    Does anyone know if BudgetProductsz dot com is legit or not?

  • Dislike, i don't like counterfeit anything. but thanks ESP... for letting us know,

  • wayne e.

    I recently saved an ESP 901 from a rececycling centre, exactly the same as the one in the link, description is very accurate except mine has been well played and it's purple, play's great, sounds awesome thru my Blackstar ID:260 TVP but no serial number any where to be found just a sticker " MADE IN JAPAN " on the headstock, does this mean it's a fake or do I have something a bit rare


  • David W.

    I checked that electricguitardiscount DOT com site. They have copied most of GC's logo as their own.


    On another note, I recently purchased a Ltd B-4Z NS bass and it has tuners and pickups marked ESP. Also, the neck simply has ESP printed on the back. Both of my other Ltd basses have "ESP designed" on the pickups/neck and the tuners are marked Ltd. Is this a counterfeit?

    Manufacture date is 1209.

    • Márton T.


      I have an LTD F105 bass and an LTD EX401FM and both has the printed ESP logo. On the bass pickups i have only ESP logo too.   I saw LTD guitars with it in shops, so i don't think your bass is a counterfeit. 

  • jeffdenny

    Hi I love ESP guitars also thats why I carry them at The Music Station, I agree with William A. that its a good idea to go into your locals Authorised ESP dealership however if you must buy online MAKE SURE and i emphasize MAKE SURE they are an Authorized Dealer. You can easily do this buy looking up thier name on this site.

    Also any dealer who sells ESP legitametely would love to hear from you either by phone or email so lets get some dialog going buy with confidence. I know i sell with confidence ESP/LTD guitars and Basses are one of the best made guitars on Earth.

  • alejandro e.

    Is there an option in this website where We can enter the serial number of our guitars for authenticity? To me this would be a SOLUTION for this particular problem.


  • Alex G.
    Do you mean something like electricguitardiscount...

    Hope you can forbid this site...