When they gathered together

The Super Natural birth right given by natural selection of God in a human being’s chemistry weather pure blood in a biological system of such any one person can achieve and would be a starting point of awareness of health but could never be for the taking because of the un permanent effect it would have in blood donation or transfusion to another person of inadequate or lesser value of blood cell volume,,,,, as such it would be a violation of human rights to use someone else’s blood chemistry as it will never be a permanent solution since as such a transfusion will not create blood volume it would always add to it ,,,,, hence it will never be a mutation from one’s own blood chemistry,,,, hence it was never achieved and may never be let known by any medical association because of there Hipocritical oath to any authoritative possessions of information or knowledge of such discovery as it would always be earned by each individual person and not as a whole of people of solid blood that would ever be known to people in a given system of society because of any interest of power as such to any authority of government entities to use such discoveries to their best interest in medical labs and factories of experimental developments of higher arches to manipulate its environment of people in favor of its manipulative power to defraud its natural origin of a given original format but in the grid of the laws of physics they would be caught in an endless loop hole cycle of repetition of action. Although there could be eternal or indefinite life longevity that would not be to their best interest in the belief of deception and assertive power if by any chance or random manifestation. There for since production is sustained by natural materials it will not be likely to succeed in any past , present or future tense                                                                               


Since God is in all the random manifestation of the material world and everything natural was always positive and figuratively speaking was meant to be the he or it or she or Mother Earth is always the victor in its own right from any beginning or deference of any awareness and since the vengeance of man is in his or her remorseful regret of mortality then hence the good was always a barrier against evil and death is but a blessing to heaven


But if a definite conclusion is never reached then what will become of the people  on the world if our biochemistry never can reach its full potential in that it is a proven fact the our blood cells are retracting from the minute we are born in too this world ,,, wouldn’t that have a possible scientific explanation as it shows. A reason to believe,,,,and that old age is really a desease from birth and if our will to live is certainly a fact . Then if humanity is a dying race destined to live where would any reasoning take place if everything we do is in vain in the psychosis’s to live if the end result of life is death and departure of our physical awareness and our subliminal awareness is filled with this conflict in denial of being a reality and as most people say a part of life that is not rendered known ,,,,but since it is inevitable in any conscious awareness even in perfect harmony,,,,then is that not the conflict in itself without there being any given or known option,,,,,and if so ,,, is that not a reasonable fact to believe. ?


Part of the Bill of Rights of the United States of America

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the government from making laws that regulate an establishment of religion, or that prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the  press, the freedom of assembly, or the right to petition the government for redress of arievances


Rydell Reveen ( Ethnolinguistics )