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Frederick B.

Josh has some nice specs on his guitar.  The recessed TOM Bridge is interesting.  Wonder if that will feel like my MH-1000 Evertune bridge as far as in height.  Badass guitar though. \m/

Monty K.

Just curious. The recessed TOM bridge adjustment wheels look like they will be next to impossible to access without taking the strings off and pulling out the bridge to adjust the screws. Is there something I am missing? Otherwise, this looks like another must-have for me. You had me at Josh Middleton. 

clemens m.

The posts the bridge is mounted on have slots on the top, so you can simply adjust them with a flathead screwdriver. I have a guitar with a gotoh bridge, and it is way easier to adjust them with a screwdriver than via the adjustment wheels.

Monty K.

I've got a guitar with aTOM like this as well. I'd rather not adjust the bridge with the screws that mount it to the body. I was hoping that maybe I didn't see an additional route to adjust or that the wheels are actually slightly above the body.  Either way, looks like a killer guitar.