Pull Me Under - Full Guitar Cover (ESP LTD Elite ST-1)

Dream Theater "Pull Me Under", from "Images and Words" (1992).

I started practicing this song on an off since October 2019. For the average listener, this might not seem like a difficult song. Dive in deeper however, and you'll see there's four time-signature changes, and 8:11 minutes of music to memorize! John Petrucci showcased tight rhythm jamming and precise soloing. Although this isn't a 100% accurate cover (I designed the guitar tones from my taste, and I improvised on a few parts), I enjoyed making this my own. No cheating with double-tracking, miming, editing tone post-production, or playing over Petrucci's recordings - this was a backing track and nothing was faked!

Fun facts:
-I got my first-ever bass guitar (my ESP LTD Elite J-4) just two weeks prior to recording. One day I'll undertake learning the entirety of the song on bass!

-A couple of the guitar fills (2:49 and 5:02)  were played on the keyboard on the original song, but I thought it would be cool to play those parts on guitar

Customized ESP LTD Elite ST-1 (Seymour Duncan RTM Custom humbucker, DiMarzio Air Norton S)
ESP LTD Elite J-4 Bass
PRS SE Alex Lifeson Signature
L.R. Baggs M80 Acoustic Pickup
Line 6 POD HD 500X
Elixir Nanoweb 9-gauge
John Petrucci Dunlop FLOW & Jazz III Dunlop Picks
Audacity (as usual, guitar audio recorded straight from the Line 6 POD HD500x with no post-effects/double tracking/EQ/cuts/edits/miming, although I did record over a couple of days)
VSDC Video Editor
Recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S10e