Frédéric Leclercq (Sinsaenum) on the LTD Viper-400 Baritone

Frédéric Leclercq, widely known as the bass player for power metal band DragonForce, is the frontman and guitarist for black metal supergroup Sinsaenum. In this video, Fred does a live playthrough of a section of his band's song "Inverted Cross", and tells you how the LTD Viper-400 Baritone compares to some of his higher-end ESP baritone models.

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Hekate's flame

I like the idea with this guitar, but how does this guitar stay in-tune given the Gibson-shaped headstock? Many people have said that they love ESP/LTD Eclipse guitars but that they also do not stay in-tune without a double-locking tremolo system.

Adam Y.

There is a contraption you can get called the string butler for 3+3 headstocks that solves that problem, also "Nut Sauce" applied when changing strings helps a bit