esp truckster, ec1000 vb, and ltd alexi 200
oldtimers and scuba-diving
la piovra
the godfather films
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
evh 5150iii, mesa 4x12 speaker cabinet v30's, and rocktron intellifex
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Ritchie Blackmore, eddie van halen, jeff waters, james hetfiled, rory gallagher, david gilmour, jimi hendrix, and marty friedman
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Igor D. posted the forum post LTD MK600 MSG

Received the "Mille" last week. Set it up with GHS boomers 010-038. What an axe. Playability absolutely topnotch and the fishman fluence pick-ups sound awesome. Yes, I love it!!!             ......MORE »
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I have 13 ltds, 2-256,330,400,401,5-1000 deluxes,ex200,ex300,iron cross,and just got my first esp standard...i have 2 Gibson's les Pauls an a 97 usa fender strat. I would put the ltds and my esp up toe toe with them ....the......MORE »
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I own the KH1 and I reckon it's an awesome guitar to look at, but I don't like playing it at all. lolI looked at, played and considered buying a Gibson Hammett V many years ago. Again, awesome guitar to look at but I just......MORE »
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