st402 and EC401qm
hiking, swimming, tracking, recording, playing out, and weight lifting
land of the minotaur, phantasm, and crossroads
alice in chains, tool, alter bridge, lynch mob, pantera, deftones, and korn
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
vht deliverance 120 and mesa 2x12 recto cab
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
mark tremonti, guitarist: eric clapton, andy james, george lynch, alex skolnick, and robb flynn
About me:

Hey! Live up here in the Northern California area and play in a band called IN AUTUMN. Spent many years in the Los Angeles scene jamming with people you probably have in your CD collections. In Autumn is the last of a dying breed! Heavy a/f Rhythms but with vocals closer to Layne Stayley than Suicide Silence. Out of using MANY different guitars over the years (Fenders, Gibsons, and Schecters) I've found that ESP is not just about a great guitar but a family of great friends of mine! (Jared from MH, Kris and Scott of Amongst Thieves, my old guitar teacher Alex Skolnick, former boss George Lynch) and so many more... that picking up my ltd's and ESP's feels more like joining in with family of not just fabulous Talent but HEART. Some of us play this heavier riff based music because it flows through our veins. 

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Hook her up with a signature! Code Orange is probably my favorite and a extremely underrated band. Hell, Randy Blythe likes them too.......MORE »
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my friends in Death Angel toured with them and said all him and his band were fabulous people. Great player too!  ......MORE »
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 SOOO ready for new Eclipse prototypes! ......MORE »
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