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Shred posted the forum post Tremolo claw screw

Hello, I need to replace a tremolo claw screw that is almost stripped. It's in a 2013 Horizon FR27. What size do I need? Thanks​......MORE »

Shred replied to the forum post Pickup recommendations

I thought about that but I didn't know how the different wood would sound.  Some say it doesn't matter some say it does.  There is a little tonal difference when I strum my Ibanez and ESP unplugged. M......MORE »

Shred posted the forum post Pickup recommendations

Hey all! I got a few questions regarding pickups. I have an ESP Horizon FR 27. When I bought it the previous owner took out the stock pickups which were Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (bridge) and Hot Rails (neck) and put in......MORE »

Shred posted the forum post 1988 Mirage Custom

Hi everyone, I had an ESP Mirage Custom that I purchased new in 1988.  I recently sold her.  But, I loved the sound of the neck pickup, and the bridge for that matter.  Does anyone know any specifications of the neck pickup......MORE »