About me:

Markus Johansson first emerged onto the metal scene with his debut album "A Lethal Dose of Truth" by Sylencer. The singer and lead guitarist was accompanied by multiple members of bands including Dethklok, Death, Anthrax, Testament, Dream Theater, King Diamond, and many others. After Sylencer, Johansson joined Australian thrash metal outfit 4Arm, first as a lead guitarist, but eventually becoming the lead singer for the new album "Survivalist." Working as a session guitarist, Markus has appeared and collaborated internationally on many other projects both live on tour and in studio (Malaki, Knapp/Johansson). Most recently appearing on the upcoming debut THEM album alongside members of Symphony X and Suffocation, Johansson and THEM completed their inaugural tour as direct support for Helloween during the spring of 2016. 

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