Ibanez gsr200l, ESP LTD B204 SM, Carvin dc127 six string, Custom baritone Zombie guitar, and ESP LTD B 55
Playing Bass, Lighting with DMXis, Video Games, and Sleeping
Hard rock, Metal, Funk, Punk, Industrial, and Metalcore
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
mxr m80 bass di+, Boss me-30, TC electronic Spectracomp, Darkglass Alpha omega, Line 6 G50, Mesa D800+, and Mesa Subway 115
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
there's not one in particular

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Hi Neil, thanks for your comments. Glad to hear you love your D-4 bass as well.......MORE »

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Hi Aevarex, Thanks for your reply. Some good suggestions. I also like the F body shape for a bass. Typically did well in a 5 string version. ......MORE »

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Hi Todd, I for one, as a left-hander, love my current LTD D-4 (very thankful that you guys offer something so great at such a good price), but if I were to upgrade, I would love the chance to get this (or preferably its......MORE »

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@Todd B. ESP I understand the difficulties involved, you have to make sure the market is there. Maybe reach out to all your known lefty bass customers with some type of survey. Maybe you could compile enough info to point you......MORE »