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I am a Physics PhD working in Mechanical Engineering as a researcher, love ESP and boogies 

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Pims replied to the forum post PLEASE tell me what i have and if i made a mistake or not.

well, depending they asked a ridiculous price for the signatures I don't see the problem even if the signatures were fake, they do look legit though........MORE »

Pims replied to the forum post George Lynch Japan (noodz)

I owned the 028204 model and asked customer service about it: "Hello,Thank you for allowing us the time to look closely into this matter and we greatly appreciate your patience. We have received a response from our......MORE »

Pims replied to the forum post Hanneman NGD

Complete camouflage there works with couch though......MORE »

Pims replied to the forum post Hanneman NGD

Yes it is an older model (2011?), I wish I could get my hands on the numeric camo too but it is hard to find.. The Khaler is pretty good, I am liking those more than floyds, the only downside I see is it takes longer to plug......MORE »

Pims liked the forum post Re: Hanneman NGD

Amazing guitar. I love mine. It is one of the best sounding and feeling guitars I have. Unfortunately I don't play it a lot because it is in matte finish and I don't wanna ruin the finish. Also, it has a different layout......MORE »