Ibanez STM3, LTD KH-606, Epiphone Flying V, and Epiphone Explorer
Drawing, Skating, video games, exercise, reading, and photography
anime, cartoons, how it's made, pokemon, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, kill la kill, and oban star racers
star wars and the hobbit/ lord of the rings
Metal, Rock, Anything with guitar lol, punk, prog, and jazz
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Randall and Blackstar
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Dimebag Darrell, Tosin Abasi, and James Hetfield
About me:

I'm a 21 year old dude from Norway. Been playing since I was 13. Still very proud that I managed to learn the entire Cowboys From Hell song by age 15, and that was pretty much when I peaked lol

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I am impressed by these every year, amazing craftsmanship! Also amazing to see how much can be done with a V-shaped guitar!......MORE »
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Congrats dude! Love the purple color!......MORE »
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