About me:

I've been honing in on my craft for about 14 years. I still have so much more to learn as I encounter musicians, fellow artists and people who far surpass my own abilities, drive me to be a better guitarist, musician and overall person. This path I chose has taken me all over the country of North America and in the process shown me that music is a form of catharsis, connection and healing. I have always felt that from simply listening and seeing my favorites bands but seeing it from the stage has made that all the more clear. Music is my passion and calling in life and I hope you find something - even if it's the tiniest bit of inspiration - through my music.

Guitars: ESP E-II Arrow and LTD MH-327


EVH 5150III, Mesa Oversized straight 4x12, ISP Decimator, Maxxon OD-808, TC Electronic Polytune, Line 6 Relay G-50, TC Electronic Arena Reverb, MXR Carbon Copy and Monster cables 


Inspired by: 

Katatonia, Opeth, Devin Townsend, Ihsahn, Sybreed, HR Giger, Dark Souls, Guillermo Del Toro 

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