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Just_Jon posted the forum post Engineered Hardwood Fingerboard

I noticed that LTD started using engineered hardwood for fingerboards in their cheapest models (M-10, M-17, EC-10...).  I get the impression that they using laminate veneer lumber with a rosewood veneer. What materials do......MORE »

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Ingrate... lol Wonder why large companies don't like to deal with trivial matters like these? Because no matter how nice you are or how far you are willing to go, you can never please anyone. Maybe you should have specified......MORE »

Just_Jon replied to the forum post ESP LTD M-50 Worth it?

Does this guitarhave the black satin finish? I bought a used "M" about a month ago.  I'm not a big fan of the black satin finish.  Mine has lots of little chips in the finish, and its hard to clean. Have you found and......MORE »

Just_Jon replied to the forum post LTD Factories

The guitars are made by children that have been tarred and feathered, they use asbestos, lead paint, rare and sacred woods from sacred regions from around the world. Religious artifacts are destryoed and used as building......MORE »

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The Korean guitars were (are?) made at the World Musical Instruments factory.  They make guitars for numerous brands.  I'm not sure where the Indonesia guitars are made, but Cort had a factory there.  No idea about the......MORE »