About me:

Guitarist for The Family Ruin

I'm a guitarist that likes no nonsense riffs, interesting chord structures and progressions, and just a groove that makes people want to go crazy! My favourite guitarists growing up were Head from Korn, Wes Borland from Limpbizkit and Tom Morello of RATM. They all played the guitar like I had never heard it before and it really inspired me. To be a great guitarist in a rock and roll band you don't need to have gone through music at school, you just need to have an ear for something creative and the determination to learn how to play. I want to be that guitarist who the self tought riffsters out there look up to! I didn't do music in school, so I never knew any theory in the beginning, just picked up a guitar and messed about until it sounded cool! Don't worry about bedroom guitarists posting videos playing solos lightning fast. To me the coolest thing a guitarist can do is join a band, write a song, and have their own style and personality!

Influences: Korn, LimpBizkit, and Rage Against the Machine

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