Kramer, ESP & Ibanez., and ESP & Ibanez.
Hockey, Football, Guitar, and Music
Live Sports
Hard Rock, Metal, Prog Rock, and Instrumental
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George Lynch and Billy Sheehan
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I find interest in just about anything, but my favorite things aside from playing guitar or music, is watching Football or Hockey.

Football season is like Christmas, only for 4-5 months! lol

  • Ron Wazny

    I love picking up new music, the older I get the more I appreciate all the genres. I still have my favorites of corse! lol  There is a loooooong list of guitar influences I would love to put here, but I would be rambling on and on. Lets just say there are too many to name, including some of the fabulous unknowns on youtube!

    The world if packed with a legion of loyal six stringers! \m/


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When George Lynch visits his friends at ESP headquarters, good times are usually had by all. We were thinking, "Wouldn't it be cool if the whole ESP Community could come hang out and have fun with us and George?"Well, you......MORE »
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