About me:

Delving into the deep, dry desert wells and touring through jagged, wind scarred canyons for the last five years, Tucson, AZ based sludge crew Godhunter have amassed substantial perspective when it comes to the creation of heavy music while remaining true to DIY ethics and punk roots. Ever in search of more devastating low end tones of sonic crunch and the molten volatility of the memorable riff, the band has experimented and evolved on each successive release.  Every one of those expressions, whether an EP or split recording, forms a finger on the weathered hand of experience gained from trial, error, and hard work. With the release of their debut full length album City of Dust in early 2014, all of the fingers on that hand were brought together, thus imploding into the cohesively critical mass of a hammering fist that is lustily swung at the listener with power over speed. A conceptual reflection of the harsh desert environment and its attendant politically charged social issues; City of Dust has moved the band forward into a new era of sound expansion with the promise of more provocative discordance to come.

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