Still looking for an ESP JH 3 Signature guitar, case and COA.. Thinking of selling it ?? PM me :-) - updated
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ESP jh 2, esp jh3, esp mx-250, esp iron cross, esp kh 4, and esp kh 1
Music, playing drums and my guitar, and a lot movies
all kinds
all kind of movies
Metal, Rock, and Punk
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
marshall lead 12 and blackstar amps
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Angus Young, Scott Ian, Dave Mustaine, ESP Rammstein, and The Misfits
About me:

I've been a drummer for a long time and I've just recently begun to collect Metallica's ESP guitars. (Got all the drums I need for this lifetime...)

I've been a serious Metallica fan since the end of the 80's...(Who hasn't?)

Just started to learn some of the riffs that make Metallica so great. And to do so I have a couple of James and Kirk signature guitars and I am hoping to continue to expand and add to my collection of these beautiful ESP guitars!

There's simply no better guitars to learn metal on!!!! But that's my opinion any way.



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I've posted this before but I'll give it a new try :-) If anyone is thinking of selling their ESP Jh 3 guitar don't be afraid to contact me :-) Have a nice week all you ESP GEARHEADZ! :-) Rock on......MORE »
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This is my 017 JH-3 Bought it here on the Forum in Early 2000's.  It is almost in unplayed condition with COA.  It's not for sale as I would miss it way too much.......MORE »