About me:

A native of New York, Rich Roger comes from a musically enriched family. Regularly exposed to a wide range of music, he started playing piano at the age of four which lead to an interest in guitar when he was eight. By twelve it had become a serious commitment, spending countless hours and all night stints practicing. By thirteen, his passion for guitar had evolved into an obsession to learn as many styles and techniques as he could. Immediately after high school, he set out for the New York City music scene. 

Auditions, session work, clinics, teaching, and a variety of opportunities for both airplay and interviews marked his first two years in the New York scene. A founding member of the nineties Melodic Hard Rock band "Bakk Ally," and an East Coast tour with the local NYC metal band "Panic" started him on the road. Although Technical Rock Guitar playing was still not as mainstream as it is today, Rich continued fine-tuning his unique style by studying Blues, Latin, and Jazz Fusion and broadening his classical training with music theory at Southern Connecticut State University in 1997. The following years, he began holding guitar clinics and endorsing products.

In 2001, Rich took to the road again, this time with Scarlet Embrace, but his passion to become a solo artist won over and resulted in a full-time commitment to his own music and the 2004 release of his first solo record, "Fire in the Rain".

The album received scores of excellent reviews as well as a flurry of interviews, a festival tour, more guitar clinics, and regular appearances at the annual NAMM Show. Following the tour, he returned to the studio. Roger further established his musical credentials with his 2008 CD, "The Remnant Remains."

Throughout 2009-2010, Rich continued his guitar clinics (primarily at Sam Ash Music Stores) as well as filming a DVD entitled “Performance Clinic” In 2011.

In late 2013 he began work on new albums including a new solo release entitled "Purely Obsessional". Rich took late 2012 to early 2013 off in order to spend a long and overdue brake with his family. He continued to work with other artists in both session work and live performances, including Matt Fitzgibbons' project ( of original, non-partisan rock celebrating the principles of individual liberty and the men and women who defend them. Rich plays guitars with Matt, performs on live TV, does frequent interviews on both television, radio and podcasts, and was featured in the music video "The Rain's Coming". His guitar work on "Whiskey" also secured the two second place in an Irish songwriting contest.


With product endorsements (ESP Guitars, S.I.T Strings, Dimarzio, Morley, Voodoo Lab, Levy's Leathers and PedalTrain), teaching students, guitar clinics, and various studio appearances, Rich continues to reinvent his unique guitar style, combining unparalleled technical capability with modern approaches.

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