esp kh-2, Iron Cross, and M-III
all about guitars
esp kirk hammet guitar and robotics
mostly action and comedies
christian rock, gospel, and instrumentals
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall MA50C, Zoom-G3, and Boss-DS1
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
kirk hammet, James Hetfield, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai
About me:

Many many years ago (at age 8), I remember listening to my first rock n' roll cassette from my cousin. It was a Metallica Cassette (Master Of Puppets Album). It was the first time I ever heard a guitar played in that manner, and I was blown away. I would listen to Battery, Master Of Puppets, and Welome Home (Sanitarium) over & over, until every note stuck in my head. Eventually, I got a really cheap acoustic guitar & then a few years later a cheap Ibanez Electric with a Boss DS-1, and my hunger grew more & more until I could play almost every single song from every single Metallica album from Garage Inc, till St. Anger, and of course Kirk Hammett was my inspiration for first picking up a guitar.

So, in a nutshell I enjoy great music, and love intricate well composed guitar pieces.

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