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TT replied to the forum post LTD elite -> E-II??

It's not just the LP Studio's that aren't so great, the really bad thing is the LP Standards aren't even made with high quality. It's shocking how many LP's at retailers have issues that should make them B-stock.  The......MORE »

TT replied to the forum post 2014 E-II Eclipse w/rattling pots

I disagree. LTD's are not junk at all.  They are pretty darn nice guitars for the low cost.   For the price of a nice LTD you'd get a sloppy built Epiphone LP or SG, or a Mex made Strat.  Some times there are diamonds on the......MORE »

TT replied to the forum post Esp or Ltd??

From what I've seen ESP hardware isn't better in all cases. EC1000's get tonepros locking tail and bridge, ESP Eclipse Standard and new E-II's with EMG's get the same hardware.  The tuners are different.  LTD's get LTD......MORE »