esp ltd kh-602 and gibson les paul custom (black beauty)
playing music, music production, and Putting together music equipment
law & order (svu
7 lbs
pantera, Hell Yeah, Used to like Metallica, but not so much anymore, alice in chains, and Mad Season
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Mesa Boogie Roadster 212 combo, rackmount mesa boogie vtwin, mesa boogie 20/20, line 6 spider iv hd150, tube screamer 808, mxr smart gate +, mesa boogie 2:100, mxr micro chorus, mxr evh flanger, mxr phase 90, morpheus droptune, Mesa Studio preamp, and Mesa boogie 20/20 #2
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
all around: jerry cantrell and MR EDWARD VAN HALEN
About me:

I'm a 51 year old irresponsible drunk that lives with his parents! Everything I own can easily fit into a back pack with room to spare. My parents are fed up wth me and it's likely I will be homelss this time next week.


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Ronaldo Venesuala posted the forum post The Proof is in The Catalog!

This is the 2013 ESP Product Catalog that CLEARLY shows the ESP SnakeByte Custom Shop guitar. It has the CS logo right there displayed for all to see. Why on Gods Earth would they sell me anything other than the guitar listed......MORE »
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I want to see the Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp with all the usual suspects from the original involved (ie, reverb, eq, super high gain). Add a MIDI port, a DO port, and a earphone jack. Every new Mesa amp should have these 3......MORE »
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This is the amp I'd like to see Engl, Marshall, Blackstar, Bogner, Mesa...... 20w three channel tube amp with a 5watt setting. Clean channel: separate eq, gain and volume control. Clean- blues crunch Crunch channel:......MORE »
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