ESP, Schecter, Jackson, and Fender
Guitar, Singing, Skating, and Listening to music
Doctor Who, Anime, Adventure Time, and Dracula
V for Vendetta, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Princess Bride, and Interview With a Vampire
Death core, Melodic Death Metal, Pop Punk, Metal, Post-Hardcore, and Metal Core
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Boss and Marshall
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk Hammet, Jack Barakat, Neil Westfall, Ricky Horror, Alexander Gaskarth, Synyster Gates, Chris Howworth, Johnny Christ, Ryan Sitkowski, Michael Paget, and Kevin Skaff
About me:

I am an extremely fun loving and kind individual but I can come off as a cynical *Insert explicit* at times. I have a very eccentric personality and I tend to get excited when discussing or doing something I am passionate about. My two absolute favorite manufacturers as far as guitars go are ESP and Schecter. I love researching theology and philosophy, I am one to ponder the world, and I am always happy to make new friends.

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