RA-600, M-1000, MH-1000EC, and Multiple Customs
Guitars, Drums, Recording, Fishing, NBA Basketball, and NBA Basketball
HBO, History Channel, NBA-TV, and NBA-TV
Predator, Total Recall, and Commando
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
peavey 6505+
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk Hammet
About me:

Hi, I'm Rob Arnold, and I've been creating, performing, and enjoying music all of my life. From 1999 thru late 2011, I wrote and recorded albums with and toured the world as the lead guitarist of Chimaira. During that latter part of those years, I did the same with the band Six Feet Under. Now I'm working full time with my band The Elite, and I'm also preparing material for an instrumental solo project.

Every day I'm producing music in one way or another here at my own RobArnoldWorld Studio. I'm available for many services, and encourage musicians of all types to reach out.

-Guitar lessons and instruction
-Recording, mixing, and mastering
-Song writing and session work
-Consultation, coaching, and advice

Lots of information can be found at my website.

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