• Crazy Skinny

    Hey Zorlac, I was Crazy Skinny on the old forum. But the reason I have reached out to all the original forum members that I have been able to find so far is because I'm fed up with this forum and am tired of all the annoying new people and the censorship and many other things, so I have started a new forum that is set up just like the old forum, plus a few new features that all of us have always wanted. I'll send you the link if you want and you can join. I need some of y'all to help me get it set up how everyone wants it and put in all the topics and discussiona we used to have and have wanted. What do you say man? I also have all of y'all's original names reserved for y'all, including Zorlac, so no one can take it like on here. Let me know. Pass it on to the other guys. Thanks man.