esp mx250, esp ex, esp eclipse, esp v, and esp phoenix
music, guitars, videogames, airsoft, and rpg
hypocrisy, at the gates, stone sour, children of bodom, metallica, bloodbath, and Pain
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
peavey 5150, laboga mr.hector, isp decimator, korg pitchblack, digitech digidelay, dunlop cry baby Hammett signature, engl powerball, and bbe sonic stomp maximizer
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Peter Tagtgren and James Hetfield
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Thanks for the add. Hail from the land of ICE......MORE »
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Thanks for your suggestion, Jose.  We will forward your comment to our product team.......MORE »
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Hello everyone, my name is Jose i am from Spain and my question is.  Why not get a complete real line of baritone models? For down tuning is the best. At least in 401b, like the ec or v, or E-II better. A Ex baritone or......MORE »
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