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Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Will Adler is the rhythm guitarist and songwriter in American metal titans Lamb Of God. Forerunners of the new wave of American heavy metal, L.O.G. have been an international staple in the metal scene for more than a decade. Will is known for his unorthodox playing style, heavy grooving riffs and use of dissonant chord shapes. His signature guitars are designed to withstand Lamb Of God’s intense performances and accentuate Will’s dominating playing style

“My ESP felt so natural right when it came out of the box. From the first time I played it, this is the guitar that I’ve been wanting to have for years.”

  • jake o.

    I bought a wa200 wbd as my first guitar and I love it! Your a god brother! Keep it coming 

    • jake o.

      Man your a beast! I love this guitar i wish it was the signature series one with fluence pups but I'm fresh out of prison and struggling to make rent, might have to pawn my wa200wbd this month to make ends meet, the straight life is hard as hell, everyday I have to fight with myself to not go back to the easy money, but since i started playing guitar 9 months ago I find practicing keeps my mind occupied so thanks for being my role model and your music saves me everyday, I'm a struggling addict  (meth) and listening to your music and trying to play your riff keeps me from making that call and getting sucked back into that life. Sorry for the book I just wrote here but I wanted you to know that your saving lives one riff at a time!!! Peace brother stay metal!

    • Willie Adler

      Stoked you dig it partner! Keep shredding!

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