Status update...

  • Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

    | am sorry, but I got no other way to report this. There is this dude named Beres G. and he is adding people to this site like ther is no tomorrow. I just 5 houers he has added about 20 people here and it feels like he is cheating on the points. he has not been active on anything just done polls and added "friends" I dont wanne be like one of this "people" butit feels realy strange. Sorry again 

  • Benjamin S.

    You guys should Make a seven string V, mahogany body with a set thru neck, maple neck, flame or quilted maple top, EMG Pickups, 25.5 inch scale, and equipped with an evertune bridge. And you should also make a model with same features except has a 1000 series 7 string floyd rose :-D