can you tell me if the original or the later reproductions of the Skulls & Snakes was an actual airbrush/hand art or was it or is it a decal?  thanks, love this guitar. 

Carl N.

Hey Dorse, the current models are produced using a graphic, glad you love the guitar!

Robert D.

My suggestion for this guitar, I don't like the dull inlays, these should be mother of pearl for the cost.  In addition I'd rather see a black as night ebony fret-board to make the inlays stand out even more.  Aside from that I think the guitar is great.  

Todd B. ESP

Hi Robert, thanks for your suggestions.

Robert D.

Please Please... again I beg you... please bring back the serpent 600 version in LTD , EII and ESP... So I can buy all 3... Luckily I have a Serpent 600 brand new still, I've had it for a very VERY long time and only has about an hour of play time on it... But I would love to have one I could play without worry that it may get damaged... The Serpent 600 graphic is probably the best one he has... I love this one in second place.  His other guitar graphics in my opinion I hate.  He needs to do something new and also we need the serpent 600 back... 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Robert, thanks for your suggestion. I agree, that was a cool design!

Rui C.

Love the serpent, I have a 1994 ESP which took me years and years to find. When they come up you just have to jump on it! I still cannot believe I was able to find one. Good luck in your search, hope you can find one. Much better than the 600 which I sold. :-)

Shayann J.

Hey I got a skulls & snakes but its a Samick Guitar and I was wondering if all the skulls & snakes guitars are George Lynch signature?

Robert D.

According to my research it's not a lynch signature or in anyway affiliated with him.  From what I read GL saw this and then requested a version be made for him.  But that's according to what i've read online. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Shayann, I'm not sure I understand your request. Please email our customer service team at and provide and photos and serial number of your instrument with your inquiry. If it is an ESP product it will have our ESP or LTD logo depending on which series it is from.

Brett B.

When was the first production run of this guitare made?And what headstock shape was used?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Brett,

The first model of Skulls & Snakes came out around 1991, and the headstock shape was our ESP " Vintage” with small off-set dot inlays. The headstock was changed to Reverse Pointed "Knifehead" and inlays to Skull and Swords on or around 1995.