Andrew B.


I live in Australia how can I order one of these ( KH-2 Vintage distressed black), do I have to go through a Dealer in Australia or can I order through you?

Thank you.

Carl N.

Hey Andrew, I'm recommend visiting a local ESP dealer in your region to get this on order.  You could also contact your local ESP distributor

Arya R.

Hello, how long does it usually take to finish this guitar? I'm thinking about ordering one and if u could tell me how much does this beauty costs? Thanks!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Arya, it totally depends on inventory availability. Sometimes we or our dealer or distributor have this item in stock and it can be delivered immediately. Otherwise if it is back-ordered it could take a few months or more.

If you are within the USA the price is listed on each product page. If you live outside the US, please contact your local distributor or nearest dealer for your pricing. Here is a link to our distributor page:

kirk hammett is god

and also will you make the ltd kh eclipse again and can we start a petion for that that would be an awesome model to have back same as the ltd kh202 caution hot thankyou

Todd B. ESP

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. No plans at this time but it could happen.


I second this, I would totally love to see this and I would buy this even if it means I have to sell my other guitars!

Todd B. ESP

Thanks Yabbie,

Derek B.

Do you mean the KH-3 spider guitar he used on the Black Album tour? If so, I agree that they should bring it back.

kirk hammett is god

hi there have a quick question about the caution hot esp can you customise it and can you take out the normal emg and put in the limited editions if you have any left and also will you make an ltd caution hot again thanks heaps

Todd B. ESP

Hi, We offer this guitar as you see it. Unfortunately we do not offer any customization. However, it can be ordered as a Lefty. There are no plans to make the LTD caution model at this time.

Max M.

Is this available in left handed since it’s an esp/custom shop guitar

Todd B. ESP

Hi Max, Yes it is available as a special order, but we do not stock them in LH.