from 2005 i have this model (unfortunately with Floyd Rose Made in Korea) and after that i got the real ESP JH - Urban Camo (With Kahler of course!) 

Actually the differences are really huge. This LTD is really entry level / mid range guitar, and the Japan ESP is really high end.

This LTD JH-600 is not bad.. but, when i touch the ESP, never back in LTD class.. 



Jeffrey B.

Does the JH-600 come with a case or do i have to by one separately.

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or 

Ethan P.

Have had this guitar for a year now and it has served me well! Jeff Hanneman is a huge inspiration to me, does ESP have any plans to make either versions of the "Heineken" logo version? 

Carl N.

That would be up to Heineken as we do not own their IP

Ron  S.

Can this Hanneman model be made with a reverse headstock? Is it considered a custom shop type order to get this model with a reverse headstock?

Carl N.

LTD instruments are not open to custom orders, only ESP models are produced within the custom shop.  To receive a quote for a custom build you may fill out our custom order form and submit this to your local/preferred ESP dealer.

Toots D.

Good day esp! I wish there would be a Jh-600 here in the philippines. Lyric store says they discontinued the sale thank you!

Carl N.

Hey Toots, Lyric is the distributor for your region so they would have to import this into your country if you wanted to purchase one.  This is still a current model so all they would need to do is order one for you.