Frog M.

I am not a traditional ESP/LTD player.  I don't really play or listen to any modern metal, nor do I downtune any further than Eb.  Very standard and bland with my usual choices.  Strat, les paul standard, les paul dc jr, jazzmaster. That being said, I have heard nothing but positive things about ESP and LTD guitars and have many friends who swear by them. This model is EXACTLY the type of model that gets someone like me interested in checking out your instruments. Non-glossy neck, traditional shape, 22 frets, simple construction, all with a little edge to it that makes it your own.  I would love some colors, like a purple or a red, however, I can't be picky.  Great job! I will certainly be giving it a shot.

red elvis

Sweet. I'm adding this to my Wishlist.

Pedro G.

24 frets would be soooooo sweet! Maybe the reverse headstock sounds appealing...

Devan Arya

Yes, 24 frets!

Josh W.

Need this in a 7 string baritone; I'd settle for a baritone, though.

Barry S.

Put that neck with a reverse headstock on the SN black blast ! The SN also needs a Floyd..

Carl N.

thanks for the suggestions!