Axel G.

May i ask what the weight of this guitar is?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, please understand that weight can vary from guitar to guitar so we do not list it as a specification. However an approximate weight for this guitar would be around 10.5lbs. Keep in mind it could be slightly higher or lower.

David  L.

Can I get this with the EMG pickups? If so.....SOLD!!!

Nathan M.

This is already routed for battery active pickups, so a swap to EMGs would be effortless. These Fishman pickups cost more than EMGs too, so you could probably resell them for a slight profit. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi, sorry we aren't able to change the pickups, they come stock as you see them listed on the site. Nathan is right, you could swap them out on your own as many players do. We try to provide a variety of choices for guitars and pickups but we aren't able to offer every different option.

stu w.

Wheres all the passive pick up models for 2021.........

Todd B. ESP

Everything new is posted on the site. You can find a page for all new product here:

Taylor  A.

Just got mine last week and it’s amazing!  Shipping was super fast as well.

Todd B. ESP

Hi, excellent to hear this! Hope you enjoy your new guitar and thanks for choosing ESP!


Hi Taylor, where was yours made? 


Just ordered it !! comes in end of March ahhhhh mannnnnn you killing me ESP !! lol

Todd B. ESP

Hi Sebastien, We are sorry for the wait. It's really killing us too because we want to get our new guitars into everyone's hands but times are crazy right now! Thank you for your patience and we hope you are pleased with your new guitar when you do get it. Thank you for choosing ESP!