Johannes L.

This is almost perfect. All I really need is for it be a 7 string haha

Any possibility that can come in the future ??

Rich Luna

Or even a Multiscale 7 string!


Wow this axe is great ! Just replace the EMG with a SD Black Winter and it will be flawless !

Todd B. ESP

Hi Rudy, thanks for your suggestion.

Mike N.

Anyone know when this will be available for purchase in the US? I’d buy one today if available. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mike, this new model is expected to be shipping as early as later this month (Feb). Due to it being a new model and it may be heavily backordered it may take a little time for us to get caught up on filling all our back orders. We suggest you contact your favorite dealer and get your order placed if you are interested. For further info please contact our customer service team at


Would this guitar fit in an SKB 58 Molded case???

Todd B. ESP

Hi , we are not able to verify whether this model fits this SKB case. We sell our form fit case that fits this body. You would need to contact SKB for this request.

Kurt F.

Hey KingScareKrow, just received this guitar and I can confirm it fits the SKB case. The longer horn is definitely a snug fit but pretty confident its safe. Hope this helps.

Ivan A.

A left hand version of this Model would be great