Trevor d.

If only it were neck-thru and 24 fret. I love esp guitars but you only ever combine the specs I want on esp originals that are 5k, or e-2 models that are constantly out of stock.

I bet I'm not the only person the would love a horizon with hsh, nazgul coolrail sentient, original Floyd Rose in black with stainless screws, Gibson scale, 5way switch and coil taps for all three pickups in a normal solid gloss color with cream binding and an ebony fretboard.

The mh1000hs is close other than the over the top paint, the h1000 is even worse with the hideous pearloid binding. Love the guitars but they could be so much better.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Trevor, thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it.



Carl N.

Hey Soullessghost, no left handed offerings at the moment.

Jean L.

Not a big fan of the color, but the specs are perfect.

Carl N.

Thanks for your insight Jean!