Darrin E.

Just wanted to say something here..I think a gig bag at the least should come with a $1000 guitar..just my opinion thanks 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Darrin, Thank you. We appreciate this feedback.

Michael S.

Any idea how much this guitar weighs?

Carl N.

Generally about 8lbs

Macedonio C.

Is there going to be one available with a Floyd rose with the black fade color ?

Carl N.

Hey Macedonio, nothing in the works currently.

Austin E.

This is one of the sickest newer LTD guitars to come out in a long time. It’s literally perfect for my style of playing, and I really want to purchase it, but I’m left handed. Do you know if there will be a lefty version available soon?

Carl N.

Hey Austin, should have one a little later this year, we'll be awaiting your order.

Johannes  M.

We need a guitar equipped with basic M-series setup (350mm radius, extra thin-U, 25,5" scale, EMG 60-81 or 81-85 and M-body, obviously) with a HARD TAIL. There are a ton of M-guitars with this setup in stock already but they all have a Floyd Rose, so to me it feels stupid not to have a hard tail version. 

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing Johannes!

Farhan R.

Agreed. That would be my ideal guitar.

Mark F.

The new Arctic Metals should fill this order.