Cole P.

Hello I am considering buying the m1000ht and was wondering on how to use the split coil feature of the fishman modern pickups? 

Carl N.

Voicings can be activated from the push/pull pot

Richard H.

This guitar has two voicing's so the pickups can be both passive & active? 

Carl N.

Regardless of what mode these are in the pickups will remain active, the only change would be to the pickup's voicing

Laszlo V.

Does this guitar have a compound fingerboard radious?

Carl N.

This will have a 350mm radius as mentioned in our specifications.  Hope this helps!


Can you make these in black satin or snow white? I can't imagine that unusual paint job is going to appeal to a wide audience. The specs however are great otherwise (hardtail in particular). If I can score one used I'll strip it and paint it.


Carl N.

Currently just available in what we have listed on our site.  Good luck with the repaint!

Mark F.

I feel you.   White is my favorite for electric guitars too.   

It's my assumption, and I hope that I am right, that the M-HT Arctic Metal is basically this guitar with 1 EMG tap-able (2 bridge pickups in 1) versus 2 Fishmans.

Mine is on order, and I can't wait to find out for myself. 

Patrick P.

I finally got my one and i'm super amazed but are there any informations about the neck-radius becaus i'm not totally satisfied with the factory bridge setup. thx

Todd B. ESP

Hi Patrick, the radius on the fingerboard is 350mm. If you need any help please email our customer service team at