Robert B.

I just pre-ordered mine through The Music Zoo last week to celebrate getting back to playing live shows again! I look forward to pairing it with my MH-327 and most of all walking out on stage with it for the first time! I'll report back with a review and photo once it arrives.


Hi, I wasn't really into Seymour Duncans always wanted EMGs but when I heard these bad boys, I was like I have to have it. They are so much deeper and bassier then EMGs. So I ordered one last night from a music store in Germany. Oh ya I live on Belgium. It's in a teal color. I can't wait to jam it out.

Greg L.
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Very sad to report that I ordered not one but two of these guitars online, hopping to get a burled pattern something like we see in both of the product videos above. I had to return both of them, as neither looked anything like these product demos. The burled poplar wood patterning on the top was spread out in small, random patches. The actual appearance/aesthetic of the patterning on guitar is nothing like what's being shown here. Really bummed about it. The guitars in these product demo videos are absolutely gorgeous, but what you see here is not what you get. 

Francisco Z.

What weight has the guitar in kg?

Todd B. ESP

Hello, If you have any questions not answered on our product page, please contact ESP Customer Service at [email protected]

Mikel B.

I just got this today and I figured I'd post my experience. (Mine is marked INDONESIA)

The guitar packaging was very secure and well done. Right out of the box the neck was straight and the action was just how I like it. The guitar looks really good. The stock pictures and the picture I'll post don't do it justice. The burled poplar gives it so much character, and it's cool to me that no two guitars will look the same. 

One concern that I had was the glossy neck. After feeling how smooth it is and playing it, I don't see this being a problem. It feels, surprisingly, really good to me. I also really like the neck shape. 

The guitar also sounds really good. This is my first experience with these passive SD pickups, but they sound great. I wish the frets were stainless steel, but who knows, maybe these will hold up just fine.

This is a fantastic instrument. The fine folks at ESP LTD have really outdone themselves. 

P.S. Thank you, ESP, for not putting the model number on the 12th fret! The fret markers on this look great and I prefer the markers to be uniform as they are on this model. 

Carl N.

thanks for sharing with us!