David H.

Hi I was wondering will the thickness of the body be the same as the eii eclipse model in the same finish thanks

Carl N.

Yes, these will have similar thicknesses 

Mat C.

Will this restock?

I kept a tab open with this beauty on display, and when I finally decided to hit Buy (US Only), it didn’t work. I reloaded the tab, and the buy button was gone... now I’m having a lot of trouble finding it in stock in my area. Help!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mat, This is a new model released for this year, so we have been filling dealer and customer's orders as we receive our inventory. If they don't show as available, then they will be replenished soon. You could always contact your favorite dealer and put it on order so when they come in your order can get filled. Keep in mind with the current health crisis going on, there are certainly slow downs with delivery and some stores may not be open temporarily.


Might be my impression. I got the Korean one... The indonesian looks to have more blue, reaching the neck pick ups... 

Carl N.

These are all painted by hand so some variation in the fade can be expected.


Am I mistaken or the Korean finish is different from the indonesian one (that have somekind of pearl shine)?

Carl N.

Finish will be the same from either factory as they use the same supplier.

Chris C.

Is the burl top solid or vineer?

Carl N.

Hey Chris, this will be a veneer.  Hope this helps