Robert E.

I was lucky enough to snag one of these and one of the EC-1000 QM Violet Shadow for Christmas last year, I cannot say enough good things about these guitars. Seriously, if you can swing it, buy one. You will not regret it. I've had 100's of guitars over the past 15 years, from all the major manufacturers and this LTD blows them all out of the water. The fit and finish is phenomenal. Seriously, amazing guitar.

Bence H.

Dear ESP,

is this model still being produced in left handed? This is basically my dream guitar ever since I saw one (righty), although at that time I couldn't fit one in my budget.

However, not even the righty one is available at any local shop by now. (I'm from Budapest - Hungary)

I there any way to get a deal on a brand new lefty at this point of time?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, this model is currently available in LH version. However please contact your nearest dealer or distributor for availability in your area. Here is a link to our distributor page:   

Andrea Barlucchi

Hello. Is the top finished with a transparent painting or matt?

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or   

Diego  C.

Primero que nada buenos días , le cuento ,hace tiempo busca está guitarra en específico ,mi pregunta es si de esta página se puede comprar o como se hace para encargar un producto ??


Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or

Curt P.

Hi, still wondering if this blue natural fade is going to be made in left hand by summer?


Carl N.

Yes, as I mentioned before they should be available this summer and they are still on the way for this summer.  Be sure to preorder one with your ESP dealer and you could very well get the first one.